Diva Musing-Children

The children have been on my mind so much since I visited my precious grandchildren. Not just them but the children in our communities and the world.  What a world they are growing up in now.  Our grandparents use to tell stories of how hard it was to raise children in the depression.  

Our children/grandchildren kinder garden to high school are now growing up in a third world country and don’t know it! Young parents are not aware, nor do they care.  Its about me and my four and no more.  How are these youngsters going to cope with the reality of hard times?  Gas rations, food rations, no more new cars to drive, no more designer clothes or electronics of any type;  no more pantry full of junk food…perhaps pantries with no food at all.

Our ancestors grabbed themselves by the scruff of the neck and gardened, sewed their own clothes, roasted marshmallows and nuts (if they could get them) by a fireside. Children made up games to play and played outside….NO hand held devices to numb their brains.  

What have you done for your children this week?  What have you done for a needy child in your community who is suffering with no hope.  Charity begins at home.  Why not adopt a needy family for the holidays and assure they get a family meal, or a Christmas tree with a few presents under it.  The need is great.  Please do not hesitate.  Love the children in your world.


The Queen Cronista


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