Diva Rant-Idiots!!!!!

OK!!! Do you ever have to deal with the mutant, male chauvinist pig who refuses to listen to a “Woman” period? Will go out, ignoring authority, and purchase something that is useless and detrimental to an organization…just to show the EGO is right….and when it isn’t, expects someone else to bail them out and points the finger at a others?  

I’m a juicy old crone and those people still piss me off!!!  Hopefully the Karma Cops won’t be too hard on  my Divaness with zero tolerance for mean spirited idiots?????  Blatant lack of respect totally pisses me off!  I’ll go work on my temper…the rest of you don’t do like I do; do like I say…be kind and respectful of one another.  


The Queen Cronista


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