Diva Musing-The World Around Us

I’ve been working with some of the students who want to make a difference in our world. They want to volunteer with worthy community non-profits to help people and animals.  We focus so much on the chaos in the world but we don’t get to see the individuals who make a difference one at a time in their own small pockets of Americana.  

It is so good to see the youth still trying to care in a world where the only hope given to them by the liberal media is….oh wait they give no hope; only “H.I.P.E.” (Hate Inducing Pandering and Exaggeration).  It is what brigs ratings after all.  

Just know my divas….there are pockets of people out here in Divaland who care, want to make a difference, bring light to others.  They are the ones who add, in a significant way, to the collective conscious in a very positive way.  They are our only hope. Pray for them, honor them, celebrate them in your lives and your communities.  


The Queen Cronista



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