Diva Rant-What’s Your Pitiful

I was chatting with one of the true Diva’s at the Diva Watering Hole this morning and we were discussing all of the people in the community who walk around their whole lives with a pity act going on day in and day out.  Oh, woe is me, nobody loves me, everybody hates me. OMG!!!! No wonder; no one can stand a person who chooses to be a sad sack by choice.  You have to let go.

Form follows thought! That is basic physics. So if all you ever do is think in the toilet….you life has no choice but to dwell in the toilet of your chosen thoughts. It’s you and only you who can bring it out.  It is a Universal Law.  Stinkin’ Thinkin’ brings only disaster. 

Get out of your sorry self and volunteer in your community.  Get a job that helps people or animals.  Let go of yesterday; its dead (dead energy unless YOU hold onto it) bury it.  It’s like carrying around a piece of dead meat for weeks…it stinks and spoils everything around it. 

If you can no longer find joy in every day, if you cannot find 5 things to be grateful the Universe has given you, or even one thing that lifts the heart, then you dead of spirit by your own volition. Look at the sky, look at a pet or child, and tell me you cannot find joy.  If you cannot then you are dead of spirit.  

Luckily there is a fix for it all.  Love, light, meditation, joy  and gratitude can cure anything. Get the cancer of bad thoughts out of your mind and heal your heart and body at the same time.  It’s always, always your choice.  

Love, Light and Namaste,

The Queen Cronista


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