Diva Musing-Don’t Wait!!!

We all think we are so together (except when we aren’t).  This week I experienced the death of two prominent members of a community where I use to reside.  One was an angel and one was a demon birthed in a buggy from hell.  One is floating happily in the ever after and one is still scratching their head in hell, wondering how they got there!  

If your tomorrow never comes where will you be spending your ever after? Shocking thought for the day.  However, a good one to remember throughout every day.  What kind of light are you shining into your world and your ever after?  Don’t wait! Shine your brightest light into the darkness of the world chaos around you.  Let the world see the grace and spirit of angels in you. Make your impact in every moment felt. The Universe has hope in you.  Don’t let us down……Don’t Wait!


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