Diva Rant-Mean Spirited People!

I just made the rounds to pay  my  utility bills.   The young lady I often chat with was frustrated and upset.  One customer, who comes in monthly complaining, had just left.  He rants about his bill and talks about her company being Satanic.  People, the person at that desk has no control over the corporate greed that spews out your bill each month.  She is there to help you, and take the money you owe for purchasing that product.  If you don’t like it go somewhere else.  What’s wrong with our world these days? Quit waking up invested in being incensed about everything, and trying to drag the rest of the world into your cesspool with you.  

Bless her heart, she is sweet and helpful always.  Her neck was in knots and her usual cheerful disposition was in the toilet.   I tried to console her but her muscles were so tensed up she could hardly hold her head straight.  Shame on you poopie customer!

So, the rule of the Universe is we must send love and light to both of them….like it or not!  It’s easy to send the sweet, helpful customer service person love and light.  However, for me at least, I want to send the poopie customer, daggers and a one way ticket to hell!  But wisdom dictates that is not the right thing to do (doggone it).  So we love our neighbors…all of them… and put healing light into the Universe, for the young lady’s neck, and the poopie customers stank behavior.  And so it is.


The Queen Cronista


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