Diva Musing-Up and Away

I am going to visit my beautiful grandchildren today.  It has been hard getting ready as the Karma Cops have put hurdles in my way every step of the preparation.  Frustration is so….well, FRUSTRATING!  

My biggest concern was to get my dogs prepared and the house clean for the house sitter. One of those wonderful friends who gives to everyone is taking care of my precious fur babies.  I mentioned several weeks ago that my great niece brought me a new puppy to add to my 2 pack.  She is wild crazy and beautiful.  She is just calming down and getting use to our routine and her new brothers.  Now, mommy leaves her for days and she may go mental.  Please put good vibrations toward the trip and my fur babies and their generous caregiver. Anyone who says to me ….”they’re just dogs” immediately goes on my shit list.  They do know things and they do not understand being abandoned alone for days.  I am so grateful to Natalie for being one to step in and understand.

If ever the Karma Cops were to shower blessings on anyone it will be Natalie.  You reap what you sow big time.  I’ll be back in a week or so with pictures and fond memories of my beautiful, lively grandchildren.  I wish the same kind of week for all of you; a week filled with love, laughter, and joy.  


The Queen Cronista


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