Diva Musing-Spirit, Gratitude

When we reach our Divaness, even before our Croneship, we should realize …that at the end of Every Day there is only forever that counts.  Our Spirit’s cry to become enlightened and see into forever.  I have discovered that no material thing means anything to me at all.  Only friends and family and their Spirit’s Foreverness is all that counts.  

We strive for so many useless things on the earth plane in our quest for Enlightenment. Some do try to meditate regularly and be of joyful nature.  Yet, in this chaotic world of ours, the Spirit remains restless.  Take time with each meditation to be Grateful.  It boosts the spirit better than any medication.  

Yesterday, my beautiful, intelligent great-niece and my beautiful sister took me to breakfast… and the laughter and joy set the tone for the whole day.  My friend sent me a picture of a baby squirrel she is nursing that fell out of the nest.  Another a video of the hummingbirds feeding at their house.  There is joy all around each day…let’s raise our awareness and notice it!

The higher our vibration the better place our Spirit will rest on the Earth plane and any other dimension we end up in…The Spirit is Eternal…be careful how you vibrate.

I think it was Buddha who said words to this effect…”All thing are impermanent.  Focus on your salvation. That is permanent.”


The Queen Cronista


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