Diva Tastings-Southern Sushi


I can’t find many Southerners who like sushi. However, its a shame not to take advantage of the summer vegetables and try this. Perfect for tea time savory treat or canapes´.

3 Lg English Cucumbers Cut into two inch tall chunks

2 Pkgs Deli Ham and Turkey (1 each)

1 Pkg Cream Cheese

¼ Cup Sour Cream

1 Bunch Flat Leaf Parsley finely chopped

1 Tsp Worcestershire Sauce

½ Tsp Pink Himalayan Salt

½ Tsp Fresh Ground Black Pepper

Thoroughly mix all of the Cream Cheese components into a medium bowl.

Cut the cucumbers into 2 inch barrel size chunks. Carefully core out the middle. Paring knife or small melon baller will do the trick. Lay the lunch meat slice by slice out on the cutting board. Spread the cream cheese mixture out on each slice and roll up to seal. Fold in half and stick in the middle of the cucumber barrel like a flower. Garnish with a parsley leaf if desired.

Goes great with tempura fried squash blossoms and caprese´ toothpicks.


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