Diva Rambling-Unwise Advice

We are overwhelmed with various media giving us advice about our daily lives. Daytime talk shows, radio programs, and bloggers have thousands upon thousands of opinions. Many are sincere in what they share, even if they are sincerely wrong.

Much of their advice is based on humanism and society’s attempt to reconcile guilty consciences along with the desire to justify societies current status of over entitled brats. This stuff makes sense, but it’s in direct conflict with what the Laws of the Universe.  How then do we filter wise advice from the unwise so that we aren’t being led astray? Let’s start with following our conscience with good A.D.V.I.C.E!

A – Ask ourselves if there is any part of the advice that convicts our conscience? Your own soul will raise the red flag in our spirits if something doesn’t sound right.

D – Decide beforehand that we will table their advice until we’ve had time to meditate for discernment. It’s essential to meditate and seek Spirit to lead us in the right direction.

V – Visualize the end result of their advice. Does it lead to a place of spiritual or worldly tripe? Spirit’s wisdom always leads to life of the soul; while worldly wisdom will lead to death of purpose, dreams, and ill fated destiny.

I – Inquire from mature teachers about the advice your receive. Resist the temptation to keep it to ourselves especially if it gives more opportunity to serve our ill gotten desires.

C – Carefully examine your heart and consult ancient wisdom to research their advice. It may not always be readily apparent until we take the time to study the topic more thoroughly in the silence of meditation.

E – Expect that the Source Light will give us clarity if we only ask and wait. Even the Bible says that according to James 1:5, He will give us wisdom if we ask in faith.


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