Diva Musing- Respect

Where has it gone?   For 6 months I’ve been trying to get one of the infamous communication companies to send someone to decipher the 15 plus bill my client receives and to work with my technical consultants to organize their equipment and list it.  I has two technicians on hand all day waiting and at 1 pm EST today he cancelled his meeting with us.  

No apology, no care what this last minute cancellation cost my client.  No consideration for the technicians who ended up not charging us because the client is a non profit.  I have had an ongoing battle with two communication companies for over a year.  The client is held hostage because there is no competition in their demographic. This total lack of respect by these companies holding people hostage to their media nightmare of incompetent and uncaring employees is an abomination. 

I’m sure employer all over the nation experience lost time from their own workforce as they try to navigate the “Customer Care” issues with these companies.  They don’t just lack respect they lack conscience and scruples.  The Laws of Karma dictate they will always get their come uppins…but it’s still costing the labor force tons of time in lost employee time dealing with them.


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