Diva Rambling-Is It Just Me!! Funny Things!!!

Are you ever driving down the street and you see something that makes you laugh out loud?  This morning, on the way to work, I saw a large, bald headed man, with no shirt on, riding his lawnmower down the street.  I’d seen him several times before, but I always thought he was cutting grass near the curb.  Today I realized he was at the 4-Way stop and headed to the local neighborhood market.  This called to mind a video I once saw of a famous country singer doing the same because his license had been taken for drunk driving.

It struck me as funny.  Things like that really do happen everywhere; every day!  Like the time a man at work got bitten on his assets by a spider in the employee bathroom.  He had someone take a picture of his bum so he could sue the employer.  Then he went around and showed it to all the employees to …I don’t know?…  be his witnesses???? LOL!  Anyway its one of those things you can’t “unsee”.  We, in fact, could all have gone to Human Resources and reported him for making us uncomfortable in the work place.

How about the time …..I could go on and on with the “You can’t fix stupid” examples of things people’s inane actions that makes us laugh everyday.  My point is…when you are having a bad day, think of one of these happenings in your life, and laugh out loud. I am in dept to the man on the mower today.  He did that for me.


The Queen Cronista


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