Diva Musing-Cleaning Our Hard Drive

It is becoming increasingly more important in our world to make sure we stay focused and keep a clear brain…hard drive. 
You will hear me say over and over, the brain is a hard drive, and whatever we allow our eyes to see our ears to hear will program our subconscious forever…Garbage in Garbage Out….Unless we take the time to monitor what we see and hear, our brain (hard drive) gets so full of virus and trash it will eventually crash our hard drive. What that means to each individual is different but always drastic.

Any good computer science whiz will tell us we need to clean our hard drive, and computer history, regularly. How do we un-see the bad stuff? We can’t. However, we can make sure we look only at the good and joyful each day. We can take focused time each day to see our blessings, and show gratitude to the Universe for them. Eventually it will eat the virus of past mistakes and reprogram us to be a more desirable, content vibration in our world.

One of the best ways to start is meditate more each day.  Whenever we are tempted toward the garbage heaps of our lives delete and choose better programming. To some of us it is computers, TV, or other media mind numbing gadgets. At any rate identify your garbage heap, steer away from it and head to the world of calm meditation in every situation where you are confused or doubtful. Practice makes us better each time we focus and do this.

Choose the right programming, choose to ask the Universe for an intervention to guard our Spirits from the Worldly viruses that attack us at every turn. We also remind you often that is always about choices. Choose more wisely. All of these things are a good step in the right direction.


The Queen Cronista


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