Diva Rant-Carelessness

On my morning back from the ole’ watering hole I must go through a mall parking lot and superstore parking lot each day.  At 7 A.M. in the morning the traffic is light (remember I am in rural Appalachia).  Yet, I almost get struck daily by the big 4 wheel drive trucks (sporting the token handicap decal). So tall no physically challenged person could get into it.  They are always speeding about 35-40 miles an hour chatting with bubba or on the phone so no other humans exist.

They take no concern of the fact that a child might be running loose from a stoned martian parent, or an elderly person may walk out between rows and be unable to jump out of the way.  This should be a sign to us to be more aware of our world around us.  We can be the change.  We can choose to raise our awareness and be more compassionate to others on land as we drive.  It’s hard but if we change ourselves the world around us changes with us….”As a man thinketh…so it is”…


The Queen Cronista


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