Diva Rant…Fat..Is It Just Me?

Whether you are a maiden, goddess, crone or just a juicy diva, you are a perfection of Divine Creation!!!

The other day I had to listen to someone, who is supposed to be close to me, pontificate on weight, working out, diet and health.  Commenting all along about a person they thought was a fat ass and how perfect we (their world) would all be if only we did what their perfect workout, suck on a lemon day is all about. Now I am 100% about natural health.  I believe in eating raw, green, natural, organic and all the other words the “health pontificates” bore us with…as if they are the only ones who know this secret.

However, after interviewing hundreds of people(mostly women), I discovered that as we age and things happen to our bodies and souls.   Weight may attach like a parasite and cling and grow as our “spirit light” ebbs and flows.  I discovered that major surgery, major physical trauma, grief and loss play a large part in the equation.  A time when you are having a “dark night of the soul” and have no one to help uplift you, or support your need to heal in your own way.  It is a time the demons of the dark attack. We don’t see or feel them until after a long period of time we look in a mirror once more and there she is ….the diva we no longer recognize.  The good news is it’s OK.

There is a solution for everything.  Just live and love yourself the way you are right now.  The Divine Source in all of us is there to help for the asking.  We are never truly alone except in our head.  Do NOT set your standard to please others. Just give yourself a hug, know you can fix anything.  But also ask…do I really need fixing?  Go from there. The Divine in all of us is the road map to healing and rediscovery. It is the physician who charges us nothing but the task to go inward, listen and heal ourselves.

Don’t listen to or stay around people who can only talk about their own vanity and neuroses.  It is their healing they need to focus on as well. They lack awareness and compassion of the specific world around them.  It is not your job to fix that.

Put your face to the sun, feel the Divine Source within you and ask it for guidance and healing.  Spirit is in us and around us at all times.  Now isn’t that a better focus than letting non-compassionate neurotics put their dust bunnies in your attic?  It is for me….Today I Choose!  Love and Light from the Crones.


The Queen Cronista



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