Is It Just Me?!!-Karma or Krazy

Are you ever awakened before the alarm goes off with a feeling of sadness so deep you feel you cannot lift your head to get out of bed? You know there is no know  reason for this to be happening, yet there it is; weighing you down.

I usually begin to meditate immediately to get rid of it.  But my busy mind is full of the dust bunnies in my attic rolling around and keeping me from emptying my mind.  Is this punishment by the Karma Cops or am I finally one toke over the line Sweet Jesus?  Am I reaping the harvest for my wild past as the Karma Cops always say…or have I filled my sub-conscious mind with so much crap it can no longer process happy, normal thought of light and wellness?

Bottom line…it doesn’t matter!  You choose your thoughts and the responsibility is yours to choose the next one, and the next one.  You are responsible to make it one of gratitude, joy, peace, or whatever wave of thought that would set things straight for you.

Sing, do a dance of joy, hug a fur baby (if you are blessed to have one).  Pick a trigger; a thought that will shift your dark energy to a light and lovely one that will make your day.  Key Word RESPONSIBILITY ! We do not get to blame others or the world because we will not focus and clean out the dust bunnies in our attic.

Accept the responsibility that is ours…pray, meditate and focus on joy.  Practice makes it better each time you choose wisely.  I’m going to go meditate and now. Then I’m going to enjoy this day the Universe has made…. full of wonderful possibilities…. I Choose!


The Queen Cronista


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