Diva Ramblings-Abundance/Priorities

As so many delightful crones we are, at times, abundance challenged.  I’ve been saving for a new TV for a year.  This week I had to take one of my very sick furry babies to the vet and I explained we needed to limit tests as I am on SS and my check won’t drop for 2 weeks.  $400.00 later, I used the TV money, and they could tell me nothing except his blood work levels and that that could mean anything.

Then joy of joys my family invites me to visit for my oldest grandson’s third birthday.  Another $400.00 later I am booked on a long flight for 4 days to celebrate this occasion. The priorities being met the TV can wait… in the knowledge all crones and divas have… that the Universe will provide in spite of all setbacks.

Now I sit back and enjoy my fur baby, Benjamin, while I still have him and ignore the stressful long flight that will bring me to the home where we will celebrate my grandson for another year of the joy he brings.  In the end it is all about the “real priorities” isn’t it?

May your priorities be joyful and your challenges be few.  With love and light from us.


The Queen Cronista


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