IS IT JUST ME?-Customer Representatives

Customer Representatives

I know it’s not just me.  One cannot have a conversation these days without the inevitable conversation about being mistreated, kept waiting, or hung up on by some rude, soulless droid who is getting paid good American dollars (wherever they are) to waste valuable human life “assisting” us with our problems….communication, banking, automotive, internet or any technological issue.

I am tired.  So tired that I’m considering carving out a space in a cave and giving it all up but my dogs.  Do you ask yourself why the public takes it and how we all let it get this far.  The soulless CEO of each of those companies gets huge bonuses each year… knowing his/her customer base is abused by his/her organization.  It begs one to wonder if their job application asks …”How big of a Sadist are you on a scale of 1-50?”  They laugh all the way to the bank.

I am surprised the shareholders are not holding their feet to the flame.  Because we all know they could corner their respective markets by creating a workforce that is articulate, caring, autonomous, and able to think.  Keep the money in America and grow the economy.  Their failure to do this, and continue throw away money on useless droids, is tantamount to serious professional liability and racketeering to the public at large.  Why some brilliant law firm has not file class actions against all of them is mind boggling.  The evidence would be so easy to collect and factual that it would be a simple task.  Not to mention the shareholders and board held liable as well for condoning the outrage. Deep Pockets.

But no, I must spend most of my employers day on hold, redialing idiots to get one simple answer as I’m transferred about the globe by idiots with no care or answers. I’m sorry that’s not my department…right! How do we stop the  outrage?  Film at 11:00!


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