Diva Musings- What is your Source?

If you have studied the enlightened masters and spiritual thinkers of our time, then you know what they all tell us.  We need to tap into our”Spiritual Source” and live in the moment.  As a matter of daily health and nutrition they tell us to drink plenty of water and eat plenty of organic foods.  They finish by saying we need to get plenty of meditation and rest into our daily routine.  That is  it in a nutshell; your outline for peace and health.

Why then don’t we do the things on this short check list?  Except for the food and water its all free.  What If the next minute never came for you and you knew that was going to happen?  Would your last thought be that of getting to the mall for that sale on shoes or that auction to buy and hoard yet one more thing you don’t really need and cannot take with you?  If you say yes, you should not be reading this blog anyway.  If you realize the impact of that question; you should stop, get off the media stream and meditate for at least 10 minutes right now.  Moments are going by at a rapid pace.  You cannot fix tomorrow by misusing the moments today.  Use them well.


The Queen Cronista



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