Diva Ramblings-Children

I was in the parking lot leaving the local super store and heard a father speaking to his daughter as they walked.  Stay out of my way, keep walking. Don’t act like an idiot.  A mom to her toddler in the stroller…Be quiet or I’ll put you back in the car..(its 90 degrees and humid today). While in the store I heard one mom say.. No, you can’t have that you don’t deserve anything.  And so it goes ….

I look at the chaos in the world and wonder how those children will grow up and contribute in a positive way to our rapidly deteriorating society.  Will they? Can they?  I am the last person to say spare the rod and spoil the child.  We are parents, not Happy the Clown, sent the care for children in Happyland!  But…just for a moment….can we imagine a world where we speak to them like valued humans so they feel wanted and supported?

I heard one mom say to her two young ones in tow.  Sweetheart, could you walk here beside Mommy so I can see you and not hit you with the cart.  Isn’t that better.  Go Mom.  Or…No baby you can’t have the candy, but I’ll let you pick our the fruit for the fruit salad and help me make some when we got home. …How about that?

Its all about choices.  We program our children’s hard drive (mind) with the data entry we make each moment of the day.  How are you programming our future? Pick your words wisely and lovingly.  They are your future caregivers after all.


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