Diva Rant-Duty owed for Money Paid

I have been ranting a bit at how the management of one of our few local restaurants have let the hyenas take over the Zoo.  The few good waitresses left are suffering because lazy over entitled, brats are showing up to work late and getting paid the same as everyone else.  Yesterday I watched as the diligent staff members prepared for a large party to arrive and one lazy brat sat down at a front table and went to sleep in front of all the customers.  She is the type if sick with so much as a hang nail she wouldn’t have come in the first place. I could not see the merit of the manager who was allowing this to happen either.

People spending hard earned money and tipping the diligent staff should not have to look at this totally nonprofessional behavior.  My guess is she is the one who spits on your food, or worse, when you tell her she got your order wrong.   Our country is bleeding out from apathy, lack of a sense of duty to customers who pay the bills in all businesses and just a sick sense of over-entitlement by the millennials.  Add taking God out of the mix and the disaster we have coming is our own sad, apathetic doing.

It is everywhere; not just here in one cafe or retail store.  It is in every city, every business, every office, every church, every soul in the global force of humanunkind.

Remember, at the Karma Cafe we are always served what we deserve!!!!!!!!!!! You cannot escape it; it is coming.  Put on your safety belts, as you will pay the price for the disdain of the few in the Cosmic Ripple effect………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only you and your positive attitude, excellent ethics, and with love in your heart can stop the ripple from irreparably damaging your Cosmos.


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