Is It Just Me? Serendipity


I have been experiencing a great deal of serendipitous events lately.  With the energy of the Universe changing at such a rapid rate these days is it any wonder?  I’ve been dreaming (to remember) more often and the last two births I dreamed of have been announced as pregnancies within weeks.

I’ve been delayed in travel or detoured off my intended course to do another task three times lately, and in each instance, I later learned that there had been a bad wreck in the area or that some unusual traffic tie up occurred.  Aborting my intended course had saved me from encountering each.

I kept getting my mental reminder to have routine work done to my car.  I took it in and also paid for a travel inspection to check all systems before a trip. I found that a engine part was showing some stress and had I not found it and tended to it…my car may have broken down on the trip.

A good crone will always remind you to tune in,  and turn on your “serendipity radar” at all times.  A diva well tuned will save herself much hassle and often, likely be saved from stress or even worse harm.

Keep meditating and praying. This will keep your radar well tuned; and above all listen to the still small quiver within that works full time to keep you safe and stress free.


The Queen Cronista


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