Recipe of the Day-Twist on Kugel

My Jewish friends often have Kugel as a Passover meal.  Below is one I think you might enjoy.

Kugel with Vegetables:   Oven 375°   9″X13″Pan      Serves 16

*Finely dice or shred all vegetables

1/2 tsp.                     Kosher Salt and Pepper

3 Tbsp.                      Matzo Meal

3 Eggs                       Beaten

4 Cloves                   Garlic Minced

1 Medium                Onion Chopped

8 Oz.                          Zucchini Diced*

8 Oz.                          Russet Potato, Diced*

8 Oz.                          Sweet Potato Diced*

1 Lg.                           Leek sliced

5 tsp.                          Olive or Coconut Oil (more for pan)

Preheat oven to 375° and spray cooking pan.  In a large skillet at medium heat add 1 Tbsp. oil.  Begin to brown leeks (10-15 min).  Add remaining vegetables salt and pepper, sweat mixture in skillet and then place all diced vegetables on a paper towel and drain dry (important for dry vegetables).  Once vegetable mix is dry combine with eggs, matzo meal, salt/ pepper and remaining 4 Tbsp of oil.  If mixure is wet add a little more Matzo Meal. Spread in greased baking dish and bake 45 Minutes or until brown.  Serves 16



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