Thought for the Day-Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

Light-workers of the world (and you know who you are) shine on!  I’ve noticed more and more that the …”milk of human kindness” is getting more sour over time.  It is our job to put our light out in the world every single day and make it a better place.

We are all connected.  There is no getting around that simple fact.  As such we owe it to each other and the planet to vibrate/shine in the best possible way we can at all times.  Our thoughts create our world.  Are you the person hanging dirty canvases up on the wall of the world’s gallery?

All Universal Teachers tell us to love one another. They speak of love to one another as abiding in the light.  When we abide in the light, we do not stumble, and we light the way for all humankind.  Be that light!  Don’t do what the world does.  Choose to be the pure soul your internal vibration is speaking to at all times.  God made us all perfect reflections of His being.  Only we can dull that vibration/light and dim the light in the Gallery of Life.


The Queen Cronista


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