Is It Just Me???-Thoughts

Even the Bible says you become what you think about all day long…..!  I find it more and more difficult to keep the mind cleansed of stinking thinking these days.  I go to the grocery and have to stand and hear the sad tale of every cancer cell, ass ache and mental trauma of everyone in a stones throw of my shopping cart.  Negativity surrounds us everywhere; not just in my world.

How then do we override this bog of eternal stench? It is a hard one and requires discipline.  The outcome, however, is so rewarding it begs the question why more of us aren’t doing it.  With meditation and focus on all things positive… it can be done.  Only you can keep your mind cleansed.  Your brain/thoughts are the heppa filter of your life.  You have to change the filters to keep them clean.  The unintended consequence, by the way, is better all around health in general.

There is a visualization recommended by many …. surround yourself in a Golden Crystal  Light before stepping on the floor each morning. Envision yourself surrounded in this egg of protection.  The Universe will reward you for it all day long.  Earl Nightingale use to say….”the first hour is the rudder of the day…”  How are you setting the thermostat of your thoughts before beginning your day?

I told someone at breakfast this morning that when I reached 40 I made myself start easing into each day.  I surround myself with my egg of protection on all sides. I meditate and pray for as long as I can, before getting into full drag to hit the streets.  If I get up late I put up my shield, and then breathe and relax for a few focused minutes after I get to my desk.  Most days I have to really push myself to remember to do this as routine.  I promise, though,  it always helps me to do it.  Then I’m set to handle most of the chaos of the day. I’m certainly more able to filter the “stinking thinking “.  Give it a try. It will brighten your days,  and overtime improve your health exponentially.  It’s the law of the Universe.


The Queen Cronista…..


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