7 Healthy Tips

The other day I found an old but timeless article in Prevention Magazine 2014. “New Food Rules”. These are not so new. We will go through them individually the next few days.  They are listed as follows:

1     Cook real food

2     Buy the Best Food in the Store

3     Eat Your Bacteria

4    Cut Down on Meat

5     Ditch Dieting for Good

6     Eat Your Way Well

7     Get Back to Basic

Today we will discuss No. 1.  Cook Real Food.  1) Cooking is healthier than no cooking.  Home-cooked meals contain fewer than those eaten out as long as you are not deep frying everything at home.  Generally everything you cook is superior in quality and nutrition.

2) It is also cheaper than not cooking.  When priced out it is cheaper to cook for a family of four for about 55% less than eating out…. especially if you consider tax and tips.

3) Cooking gives you control.  When others cook for you you do not know what has occurred in their kitchens and you loose control.

Make sure you use fresh (organic where possible) foods in all recipes.  Use spices and natural flavors for seasoning instead of salt (if you use salt pink Himalayan is best; actually controls blood pressure and several other perks).  Bon a petite!!

Rule 2 tomorrow.


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