As previously mentioned Crones don’t do New Year Resolutions…but we are always looking for things that contribute to a healthier lifestyle.  I was auditing my old copies of Prevention Mag and found a great 2014 article that was timeless.  It was well worth the reread.  “New Food Rules” there are 7 rules which we will disseminate  over the next few days.  Well worth a healthy 2016 booster shot for lifestyle changes……

Rule NO. 1 Cook Real Food!  This is a no brainer. Author Mark Bittman states his data indicates that only a third of the people polled only cook 4 our of a possible 21 square meals a week.  I am guilty as charged.  I use to cook at least 14 a week.  Not any more. Anyway lets begin….

  1.     Cooking is healthier than NOT cooking.  Research shows that home-cooked meals contain fewer calories that those eaten out.  Exceptions of course are home deep fryers. But generally speaking nearly everything you cook is superior in quality and nutrition .
  2.     It is also cheaper than NOT cooking.  The author priced it out…for (4 servings ) less than $14, you can cook roast chicken, potatoes and salad.   For $10, beans and rice with peppers. Choose your priorities and just do it.
  3. Cooking gives YOU control.By letting giant food corporation restaurants prepare your food for  you, you unwittingly relinquish control and knowledge of exactly what you’re putting into your body.  When you cook you are in the driver seat.

Use the simplest, best, freshest, and when possible, organic foods.  The journey starts with the first step. It is up to you after all. Just do it!

Tomorrow Step 2…..


The Queen Cronista



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