IS IT JUST ME? Holiday Traffic

Is it just me or do drivers get dumber and more aggressive before the holidays?  Today I was going through a megastore parking lot the correct direction for my vehicle.  Suddenly I see some nutter flying across multiple lanes and suddenly in my lane head-on.  He blows the horn in anger and flips me off.  I stopped and put an old gypsy curse on his appendages so they should fall off before the holidays begin.  No flipping off; I mean business.

Just kidding…I certainly don’t want a karmic kick back on my bad behavior over a retread that could care less about human life.  But it still amazes this crone, after all these years, that the stupidity of the masses increases exponentially with any holiday.

Please be careful out there.  People with armloads of packages are walking barely able to control their little ones in these parking lots.  It only takes one rude, angry  person to devastate an entire family because of thoughtlessness just to gain access to a store to buy the “latest thing”!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you behave to live and see it.


The Queen Cronista



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