Several years ago I went to visit family on the East Coast by train.  The trip took 24 hours from South Carolina To north Virginia.  However, it was the best trip I’ve had in adult memory.  I love train rides.  The slow clickity-clack of the cars on the rails.  Unfortunately they are not available to us in this country as they are in other countries. All the locations are fairly remote to anyone and all the schedules leave at the early A.M. hours.  What’s with that? I compare it to the airlines inability to painlessly board and deplane flights.

Anyway back to trains.  You meet great people, and are more easily able to converse on a train.  The night trains have recliners for each seat and each seat has a plug to keep your phone, computer etc. charged.  Your luggage is overhead so you can exit at will when the ride ends. There are even sleeper cars, dining cars and some trains have video rooms for the children.  Why are we not more railroad oriented these days in the world?

Mostly because the trips take up to 24 hours to go a short distance. In our fast paced society people do not wish to accommodate the laid back travel philosophy. But what a wonderful world it would be, if we could come and go at will on the rails; to anywhere.  Think about it ….Daily trains coming and going all day long, and at convenient locations and times.  Wow! How sad we must miss out on this pleasure, treasure.

Is it just me or do some of you wish we had the luxury of regular train rides in our life again?   Just sayin’!


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