Every old mountain remedy is not for everyone, however, i’ve found over the years the remedies of old family doctors, grandmothers and mountain folk in general had served me well.

Winter is almost here and I’m on a kick to stay healthier than last winter.  Our old family doctor (who was Harvard Medical) use to tell my mother that if she didn’t want colds, earaches, and other crud in the house all winter to make us take Cod Liver Oil every day.  I’ve done if for years and it’s been effective.  I’d only had 1 cold in the past 35 years and the flu only once in my life (no flu shots).  Of course every system is different but this old remedy is a staple of mine.

As a further point….I move back to the Crater and have NOT been taking it.   I’ve now had “Crater Crud” (bronchial infections)  8 times in 18 Months.  So I ordered up today.

As children we hated it because there was only the oil…big yuck.  However, now we can order in lemon flavor oil or gel tablets.  Get the good stuff.  An added plus is the Omega 3’s are heart healthy as well.

An added plus now being recommended is Coconut Aminos.  These come from coconut sap and have sea-salt added.  It is packaged as a condiment to use as a Soy substitute but no soy or gluten.  It’s good for people with allergies it is low sodium and  GMO free.  Find it at health food stores or online.

As always, the Crones admonish you to be a mature and informed consumer.  Check it all out for yourselves.  I have more stay healthy items in my frig  and kitchen cabinets than in the medicine cabinet.


The Queen Cronista


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