What is Respectful Irreverence Anyway?

We’re Crones, we can make it anything we want. However, generally speaking, it is a salty, robust, often sarcastic look at life in general.  It is not meant to delineate any person or thing as a target …but rather ALL persons and things that daily irritate the masses, piss us off, or show all the undeniable markers of stupid and/or mean spirited.

You know who you are.  We have our discerning eye on you.  Divas, Goddesses, & Crones everywhere, people need your discernment and wary protection. Speak up, make a difference… without intent of harm, but rather the intent of respectful irreverence.  Point out the obvious, scold the deserving and kick ass and take names to the bullies.

That’s it more or less!


The Queen Cronista


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